6 May 2014

DIY: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans


Inspired by Emilio's latest jeans purchase, we have been busy up-cycling one of his old pairs by giving them a seriously distressed feel. The look is a major summer trend and one which will take you through the long summer months - prefect for trips to the park and nights out. Easy to accomplish, this DIY trick will make you look and feel good - all you need is a boyfriend with a spare pair of jeans!

Keep it simple with a plain blouse or loose tee
Wear your ripped jeans with heels to go for a more feminine look

Or if you're just chilling, pair your jeans with sneakers

How We Did It

To make the rips get hold of some scissors and tweezers - remember the work is in the detail
so pull out those threads with all you've got!

To see how we went about creating the ripped effect, take a look at Rachellea's YouTube tutorial below and have a go yourself!

The Final Result

The finished effect

Tiny frays are cute so why not revamp the pockets too? 

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  1. I really love all the outfit the boyfriend jeans are really good in this post i lso have a boyfriend jeans its so comfortable.