2 February 2015

DIY: Hooded Baby Towel

You will need a shower towel plus a nice matching fabric. Scissors, sewing machine, threads. 
Cut a square. 

Cut a triangle for the hood and 2 ears from the extra fabric. 

Cut the fabric, same size as the towel: the square, the triangle and the ears. 

Put the triangles together and stich right side to right side on the diagonal. 
Open the seam and press with the iron. 

Top stitch. 

Cut the extra fabric to get a perfect triangle. 
Repeat the steps with the ears on the curved sides. 

Cut the extra seam allowance and turn it inside out. 
Top stitch. 
Add pleats at the bottom to get a nice shape. 
Put the big square, the triangle and the ears together, pin them, following the order: 
One layer of the big square, triangle, ears, the other layer of the big square, right side inside. 
Stitch them all together and cut the corners. 
Turn it inside out and top stitch. 

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